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Safe Refuge - Transition Houses page last updated - February 10, 2012 10:55 AM
Transition Houses...Safe Refuge

Table of Contents:

What are Transition Houses
Criteria & Frequently Asked Questions
WRSFV - Abbotsford/Mission Transition Houses
Alternative Transition Houses
Safety Planning Checklist

What are Transition Houses ?

Safe shelters are available in all Canadian provinces and territories. Approximately 90,792 women and their dependent children are admitted to one of 413 shelters for abused women across Canada every year (Stats Canada, 1999). Fast Fact:  More than half of the residents in these shelters are children, most under the age of 10. Emergency safe houses are an integral part of the community response to violence against women.

In this accepting environment, women can gather information and explore options available to themselves and their children.

Transition Houses provide safe shelter for women and children fleeing abuse.  Women of all cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations, and economic status are welcome in a Transition House.

Generally, there are transition houses in every community in the Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley. All operated by separate, non-profit societies. If one transition house is fully occupied, workers will try and locate space for women in the nearest alternative transition house.

Both our Abbotsford and Mission facilities are centrally located in their communities and are "normal" looking in appearance and size.  Abbotsford Transition House is a twelve-bed shelter; it can accept up to twelve women and children in the house.  Mission Transition House is a ten-bed shelter. Generally, women share a bedroom with their children.  The rest of the living space is shared with other families.

The Transition House will provide food, toiletries, sheets, and towels.  Residents may stay in the house for up to 30 days while they consider options for longer term living arrangements.



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Criteria & Frequently Asked Questions - About Transition Houses


Click here for criteria & FAQ's This link will open a new window with information to help answer your questions about Transition Houses. If you do not find answers to your questions, please feel free to contact us and someone will be happy to answer your questions. click here for WRSFV contact information.



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WRSFV - Abbotsford/Mission Transition Houses


WRSFV - Safe Refuge - Transition Houses

Transition House is a free, safe, supportive shelter for abused women, both single women and women with their children. In this confidential environment women can gather information and explore options with the assistance of trained, professional staff. Crisis counselling, information on legal rights, income assistance and local resources are available.

The Transition House will provide food, toiletries, sheets, and towels. Shelter, basic necessities and food are provided for up to 30 days.

WRSFV - Abbotsford Transition House
24 hour access
Tel: 604-852-6008
Fax: 604-852-6542

WRSFV - Mission Transition House
24 hour access
Tel:  604-826-7800
Fax: 604-826-0520



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Alternative Transition Houses



BC / Yukon Society of Transition Houses
BC/Yukon Society of Transition Houses
Provides support, training
and coordination to Transition Houses throughout BC and Yukon.

Maple Ridge Cythera Transition House Society
provides basic necessities for up to 30 days for women and children fleeing from abuse.
       Telephone: 604-467-9939

Ann Davis Transition Society in Chilliwack provides temporary, safe shelter for women and children leaving abusive relationships.
Telephone: 604-792-2760

Xolhemet Transition House Society (Chilliwack/Sardis)
Provides a safe, temporary shelter for women and their children who are victims of family violence.
Telephone: 604-858-0468

Marguerite Dixon Transition Society (Burnaby)
Provides shelter, support and counseling to women and their children who are fleeing from domestic violence.
Telephone: 604-433-4165

Hope and Area Transition Society (24 hrs)
Provides shelter with 8 beds, support and counseling for women with or without children.
Telephone: 604-869-5111

- South Surrey Atira Women's Resource Society
Provides multiple services and shelters for women in need.
Telephone: 604-542-5992

- Surrey/White Rock Atira Women's Resource Society provides multiple services and shelters for women in need.
Telephone: 604-531-9151

- Surrey/Whalley Atira Women's Resource Society
Provides multiple services and shelters for women in need.
Telephone: 604-581-9100 or
Crisis Line: 1-877-581-9100

Surrey/Whalley Options
Provides shelter and programs for those experiencing abuse or hardship.
Telephone: 604-584-3301

- Surrey/Newton Options
Provides shelter and programs for those experiencing abuse or hardship.
Telephone: 604-572-5116

Tri-City Women's Resource Society & Transition House
Telephone: 604-464-2020
Crisis Line 604-450-2221
or 604-660-8180

Nanaimo Haven: A Society for Women and Children -24 hrs
Provides shelter, food, information, and crisis support for women and their children who are experiencing physical, emotional, or psychological violence in their lives.
Telephone: 250-756-2452 or Crisis Line: 250-756-0616

Campbell River & North Island Transition Society
Telephone: 250-286-3666
or Crisis Line: 1-800-667-2188

Nelson Community Services Centre Society
Telephone: 250-354-4357

Ishtar Transition House Society (Langley)
Provides temporary accommodation for women and their children who are leaving an abusive relationship.
Telephone: 604-534-1101

New Westminster W.I.N.G.S Fellowship
Telephone: 604-521-1888

North Shore Crisis Services Society
(NSCSS) is a registered charity that is dedicated to promoting a secure and abuse-free environment for women and children.
Telephone: 604-987-3374

Powell River & Region Transition House Society
Provides shelter for up to 30 days as well as counseling for those who witnessed or experienced abuse.
Telephone: 604-485-4554

- Ucluelet Westcoast Community Resource Society
Telephone: 250-726-2020
or Crisis Line 1-877-726-2080

Sechelt Sunshine Coast Community Services Society
Provides counseling, support and safe shelter.
Telephone: 604-885-5128

Vancouver Rape Relief Society (24 hrs)
Provides support groups and shelter for women who have experienced abuse.
Telephone: 604-872-8212

Vancouver Coastal Health Authority
Telephone: 604-430-5202

- Vancouver Helping Spirit Lodge Society provides safe, protective shelter to Aboriginal women and children; holistic educational programs of enhancement; support and advocacy to Aboriginal people.
Telephone: 604-872-6649

Vancouver Governing Council of the Salvation Army
Telephone: 604-872-0772
or Crisis Line 604-872-7774

Victoria Women's Transition House Society
Provides a safe, welcoming shelter, respectful counseling, support, and advocacy.
Telephone: 250-380-7527 or Crisis Line 250-385-6611

Victoria Cridge Centre for the Family-Hill House
Provides safe, emergency accommodation for up to 30 days, supportive counseling, information about the dynamics of relationship violence and referrals to community supports.
Telephone: 250-479-3963


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Safety planning Check List


Abuse escalates......

Unless the one who has behaved abusively takes responsibility for the abusive behaviours, the abuse tends to become more frequent and more serious. Everyone Deserves to be safe! If you are experiencing violence of abuse in an intimate relationship, it is important to plan for your safety and the safety of your family. Prepare to leave before the threat of violence gets worse.

Before the next outburst, think about;


Going to a safe place, trusted friend, family, emergency room, or public place.


All possible ways to leave.


Leaving before violence starts, if possible, and taking your children with you.


Staying out of rooms with weapons.


Getting your own private bank account.


Keeping some money outside the home so that you will have it if you leave.


Deciding on a code word to signal a friend that you are leaving and need support.


Get a bag ready containing the following items and leave it in a safe place (neighbor, friend, work):


Phone card or coins.


Extra set of clothes and shoes for you and your children


Toys for your children


Medications and prescriptions


Extra key for house, car, and office


Phone numbers of emergency shelters



Pack photocopies or originals of the following:


Cash, cheque book, bank card, credit card.


Birth certificates.


Social Insurance numbers.


Driver's license and registration.


Care Cards.


Address book


Passports, immigration documentation




Divorce papers or separation agreement


Custody agreements


Insurance papers


Bank statements or other financial records


Lease/mortgage papers, house deed


Copy of restraining order or peace bond


School and vaccination records



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